Movie 11 Revealing The Seal of Solomon

The Seal of Solomon or in its simpler share the Star of David is one of the best known Mystic symbols of our time. It is siad that whoever understands the Seal of Solomon understands Life itself. Well, I fully agree with this. As Life is the most important to cherish and understanding how Life works can provide enormous Power to its owner, this knowledge has been protected for thousands of years.

So how to protect knowledge if you want to keep it to yourself? By using religious or political prejudice because when people are prejudised, they tend to ignore whatever is said about a subject and all the facts. So one can say it's work of the devil himself, or one can use a symbol as part of its national flag. Tradition, superstition and false religion, it all works to keep the people ignorant.

I wish for your Awakening and therefore want to explain to you the working of the Seal of Solomon, a great Symbol that is derived from the Flower of Life, the true Source of All Manifestations of Life.

Mankind's current ignorance will be replaced by Wisdom from the Heart, Having and Greed by Being and Sharing.

I love You All.

Eheyeh Asher Eheyeh