Movie 15 Primes - Ordo ab Chao

What would the effect on our World be when we find out that Chaos doesn't exist? That Chaos is merely defined by the ability of our Consciousness to grasp what we are and are part of? It would as a starter cause the Chaos Theory to be thrown in the dustbin. After that probably most of our scientific and religious thinking, laws and dogmas would end up in the same dustbin. This is part of a process which is called Evolution.

Using the eldest mathematical hypothesis of this World, a hypothesis which deals with Prime Numbers, again an example is given of the non-existance of Chaos. But the way to get there is defined and determined by your own view on Reality; a Reality or in religious terms a Truth that can be different from person to person.

Let me end this description by saying that I only saw and understood this Order after my Heart openened and connected with That of which I AM part. The mind then followed to write things down hopefully for you in an understandable way.

I Love you All as You are another Me.

Gert Kramer