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Order in the Distribution of the Primes over the Natural Numbers

"Mathematicians have tried in vain to this day to discover some order in the sequence of prime numbers, and we have reason to believe that it is a mystery into which the human mind will never penetrate."

Leonhard Euler

Poster Presentation Order in the distribution of the Primes over the Natural Numbers

The Nine Pointed Star

Revealer of Order in Chaos and Oneness of All

by Gert Kramer

The Nine Pointed Star - Revealer of Order in Chaos and Oneness of All

Please find herewith the Numeric Calculator. It allows you to find the Numeric Value of very large numbers as well as of large arrays of numbers. Just copy paste the numbers in the first field and you will directly see the result that can then be copied back into other files.

Full Source Code (written in Pascal)
Exe file

For as far as Mankind can remember, Its behavior has been based on a dualistic approach of Its Self and the World of which It is
part. A very logic behavior as the reason of existence of this World is to experience Dualism as part of our Tao in an ever
continuing Evolution. An Evolution in which we ‘learn by doing’ and are confronted with the results of our individual and
collective doing in the mirror which we call our surroundings. Love and be Loved, fear and be feared, control and be controlled,
fight and be fought against. It is thus our inner World of Emotions which is reflected upon via the outer World. Those who wish
for the outer World to change therefore understand that any change starts from within.

To the Wise Mothers and Fathers of this World

The 24 Thrones of Spiral Dynamics

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For many millennia numbers have surprised and interested Mankind in Its attempt to understand more about our Self and the World we live in. Now in the Time of Revelation, the beginning of the Golden Age, the Purana’s Satya Yuga, in this beautiful moment in Time and Space where Mankind enters the next level of Consciousness, the Cosmic Christ Consciousness of Oneness, time has come to once again reveal to Mankind what has been hidden for a very, very long time.

The Riddle of Numbers!

The End of Linearity in our thinking marks the beginning of a spiralling flow of Loving and Creative Energy. This is part of the Knowledge that ones again in the Time of Revelation finds its way to Mankind to help it awaken from the Illusion of Dualism and find Its way back to the Path of Oneness.
Religion = Science, Science = Religion as 'All is One and the One is in All'.

The End of Linearity in our thinking marks the beginning of a spiralling flow of Loving and Creative Energy

Mathematicians throughout the world now for a very long time have wondered if the prime numbers, numbers which can only be divided by themselves and one, know a certain pattern, structure or repetitive appearance. To answer this question Riemann formulated the zeta function as an approximation. Many till date have tried to prove this zeta function. Because of the character of this function and its incompleteness, cohesion of the primes will never be able to be found when using this function. Perfection does not know shades of grey or an approximation. Either something is perfect or it is not.

Read "The Perfect Order in the Distribution of Primes over the Natural Numbers!"


In the latest book "If I could do Magic...." we refer to a taylor made application that shows the Origin of the Primes. In this section we share the source code and the application with everyone interested. The application checks all the Integers in a given Cycle range whereas this Cycle number always has to be a Numeric 9 (like 432 = 4+3+2 = 9). As output the application puts every Integer in a multiple two dimensional array's and reveals therewith the Origin of Primes. The checks are based on multiple natural grown algorithms. It is advised to use Notepad ++ to read the output excel files. Find out yourself by checking the source code here:

Full Source Code (written in Pascal)
Exe file

I would like to ask a small amount of your time to share with you some of the thoughts that came to
me in the past months and that concern Tikkun Olam or Repairing the World, known to you from the
Aleinu as l'takken olam b'malkhut Shaddai. The time has come to understand and act accordingly.

To my Jewish Brothers and Sisters