Dualism or Oneness; the most important Choice for Mankind to be made today

Did it ever occur to you that for a reason unknown to many of us, Mankind’s development seems to be cyclical in which there are periods of great achievements, progress and Wisdom and periods of fallback into the darkness of ignorance? Yet, the overall line is aiming upwards. Evolution occurs over a very small period of time as a step function, it is said. But what is it exactly that causes this Evolution to happen? What is it that allows individuals within Mankind to overcome the conditions they are faced with? What is it that creates the Paradigm Shifts we have seen in our past and see yet again in the current? Why does it feel as if time is moving faster and faster yet at the same time in some situations slower and slower?


Could it Be that within our Universe there are places with different energies? Energies that have a specific effect on the way our Solar System, Planet Earth and everything that is linked to this beautiful Planet develops? Could it be that these Universal Energies come and go, that they follow a certain cyclical path, unknown to most of Mankind?


Many of the Indigenous Tribes have and are talking about the End of Times. The End of the Sun as we know it. They prophesize a new Era, a new time of greatness yet at the same time warn that we are the ones who have to choose that Path. Can we thus see this current Time as a Window of Opportunity? Is Evolution caused by changing circumstances that change behavior which in return feeds the changing circumstances? Again the question of the Chicken and the Egg, what comes first.


To my opinion current time allows us to Shift our Consciousness. We have learned the lessons of Dualism, the ‘versus’ Game though this does not show with many individuals yet, and can move on to the next Level; the Consciousness Level of Oneness. This will lead to a recreation of everything we are and are part of as the Fundamentals behind this Consciousness are completely different. You are a part of me, I am a part of you and together We are the One, God. Finally the experiment in which the One deliberately separated (the basis of Dualism) part of Itself to Experience if this part would find, in Free Will, its way back to Its Source. Why Experience? Well, simply as experiences help us to learn and develop. Into what? Into something else. Something by the way that we as part of the Divine help to Define.


I wish that you all will find your way back to the Source of All Life, the Center of the Universe and the Heart of God. How and if you will find it will fully depend on your own choices. Know two things: 1. It takes, as everything, an effort to get it done and 2. Start by returning into your own Heart. As was Once said, the True Kingdom of God is within You. From personal experience I can tell you that this is 100% correct.


I Love you All, Eheyeh Asher Eheyeh.