Movie 14 The 24 Thrones of Spiral Dynamics

When two languages merge, one can say Dualism becomes Oneness. It is this process where the title of this movie refers to. The merger of Heart and Mind, of Spirit and Matter, of Spirituality and Science.

The new language of Mankind will be Spiritual Science. Its core message will be that the variety of manifestations of thought come from One Source, named by many God or the All-Consciousness. We were created in the image of or did the original texts indicated in the imagination of our Maker with which we are One as All is One and this One is in All.

You will find in this movie the examples which show that in ancient time Mankind was well aware of this Oneness and treated one another in that way. The current 'versus' world in which one part often grows at the expense of the other at that time was an 'and' world in which growth was considered a collective process and in which 'your growth is my growth' as is 'your destruction as well mine'. Therefore 'facilitation' rather than 'control' and 'sharing' rather than fear based 'having' or 'gathering' was the way one dealt with the other and therewith with One Self.

Those who see the Illusion of Reality as One know there is abundance. To who see the Illusion of Reality as divided or dualistic will always fear that there isn't enough for them. These are the powers behind all wars and survival behavior we nowadays see on this planet.

I AM another YOU. I Trust and Love myself and therewith as well you.