Movie 10 The Universal Heart

What is it that makes everything in our Universe vibrate, spiral, move, grow and live? What is it that We are All Part of? Did you ever ask yourself this question?

Once it was said as is said again here. "The Kingdom of God is within You". You can find it by looking in your own Heart and you can only approach God with Love as this is what makes everything grow and this is what surrounds everything there is. This is the basis of All religions Worldwide before they were misused for purposes of greed and power. But as everyting in the Great Plan this (as well as the entire Game of Dualism) had its reasons.

If you want to become One with your Maker, One with your Creator, this literally means that you have to Feel and Become the Pure Love you were once made of as this is what He/She is made of and this the only thing that He/She feels for you.

God is not an old, gray man who is looking at his Creation with feelings of anger or revenge waiting to punish you. This is as they say bull-shit. How could He/She as We All are Its Children, learning and experiencing while doing, sometimes over and over again untill we understand that part.

God only knows Love and Compassion, that's why He/She always has and will send Help in the darkest times to bring back the Light of Love to spaces of ignorant darkness. Could all of this be True or the Truth? I bet you because I know as I have been there and had a fabulous look at what is in the Center of our Universe: a Magnificent, Strong, Beautiful Pumping and Spiraling Heart filled only with Love and Compassion.

I herewith would like to Share what I have seen there with you All as a Gift from the All-Consciousness that is called many names including God, Christ-Consciousness and Holy Spirit.

We are One, don't ever forget this when you might feel a bit lost and lonely. God is always there as am I.

I love you All.

Eheyeh Asher Eheyeh