Movie 06 The Rhythm of Universal Growth

Can you imagine all our Tau's, all our Paths of Life to share the same basis of cyclical development ?

Can you imagine what it would mean to this World if this would be proven mathematically to be correct and not just Spiritual Blahblah? That we are all walking the same Path, the same One Tau even though we do not know it from each other as it seems we are not.

Wouldn't that prove that we are All One and that our destinies and futures are Linked and the result of our Collective Experience and Choices we make on this Path.

Billions of Causes leading to Billions of Effects and yet in the end to One Shared Direction.

Wouldn't this support the idea of taking care of one another when the Path gets a bit rough as the outcome for the one influences the outcome for the other? Isn't that what we call a Society? Think about that for a while!

I Love you All.

Eyeheh Asher Eheyeh.