Movie 00 I AM THAT I AM

I Am That I Am is the feeling and understanding that will become yours when you have reunited with your maker and found your way back to the Kingdom of God/Goddess, the Heart of the Universe where there is nothing but the Energy and Consciousness of Pure Love, the Brightest Light you can imagine.

When you have been there, you will feel and understand Oneness with All and act accordingly in your Life as You are a part of Me and I Am a part of You. That's when you become Immortal and that's when all the Wisdom you were looking for will be yours.

I hope that one day you will get there but finding your way to IT requires a lot of effort and conscious choices.

Find the way back to your Heart and Love yourself fully, that's where it all starts with.

I Love you All.

Eheyeh Asher Eheye