General Overview The Story of Life

This is a Story about Life. Not the usual stuff you might expect when you think about Life, if you ever think about it at all. What is Life? Are we connected as many say and believe nowadays? How did and does Life start? Does this creation process and the Evolution of Consciousness follow certain Principles? Is Mathematics really the Universal Language or is it Love or are both the same? Or is there a certain Music system as basis of a Universal Language? Are we really at the peak of Civilisation and knowledge or is our current way of living and doing just the result of choices made in the Past? Are we then able to create another better Future for All mankind? And many, many more questions.

With this short movie I would like to share with you some thoughts about the Existance of One system and how this System works and is integrated. Why? Because I received it as a Gift from the All-Consciousness some refer to as God, Allah or Jahweh after I indicated I was ready for whatever I am here for on this World to do and because I would like to share this Gift with All of You. Musicians thank you for your music. Enjoy Life and enjoy this movie while constantly asking yourself the following question: COULD IT BE?

Soundtrack music composed by Maarten Hartveldt, Ipi Tombi and Enya

I Love you All.

Eheyeh Asher Eheyeh