Movie 09 Conscious Permutations

What if All Life can be seen as One Consciousness that is perfectly ordered not to create an enormous mess? Somewhat like a gigantic computer with endless amounts of processors yet connected via Electromagnetic wires in One.

What if we are all a number circling around another number that again circles around yet another number?

If we were to look at everything as One System, God within us and outside of us, we could use One thing to describe this System. Could we use Conscious Vibrations or Conscious Frequencies of Energy as common denominator for Gass, Fluid and Fixed objects? For the entire Periodic System? For All wavelengths that we so neatly try to split up in pieces in order to try to understand it?

Yet we still keep missing the point when we consider matter as a separate thing without consciousness. Separate from the rest. Is a certain level of Consciousness another way to determine the Human Scale, how much we grasp of the Permutations of the first One Source? So enlarging this sclae means you can take into account more permutations when looking at a certain situation? Think it over and enjoy Life in Love.

I Love you All.

Eheyeh Asher Eheyeh